To realise and engage the enemy of our rise

This publication always keeps to the side of reality and truths. We know that there is an enemy to the rise of black people on this planet especially when it comes to our unity in the diaspora and uniting with our brothers and sisters on the continent of Africa. The enemies problem with this is many fold but lets just say for now that they see this as a checkmate likened to a catastrophic event bringing an end to their hegemony and wealth in the world.

For those of us who have doubt and still think its possible for us and them to coexist and somehow share the wealth together should begin their research with the former IMF chiefs lecture given to Stanford University published on this web-site.

He made one thing very clear in this lecture, the need for the western world to deal with Africa’s increasing efficiency on the distribution of information and use of mobile phones. He equated this development as threatening to western countries share of the worlds GDP in Africa’s favor. Saying “This is a MAJOR issue that is not being confronted” This is by no means a hair-brain conclusion. Nor are these type of sentiments limited to one man.

Instead of the western countries embracing this mobile phone use in active policy and initiatives they are working against it as recommended by the former IMF chief and unlike what they declare in public. The war on poverty movement is a charade a made up face to cover sinister and ruthless policies to rather keep Africa poor. These policies take shape in unsustainable conditions attached to loans from the very same IMF that blind deaf or just plain stupid politicians accept.

Did you know that Apple Inc (AAPL) the worlds biggest Internet communications device manufacturer even after knowing that the fastest growing place for mobile phone use is Africa refuses to take advantage of that market? I would say that 96 percent of mobile phones in Ghana are non Apple phones with Samsung taking the overwhelming lions share. Why would Apple not take advantage of Africa? Could it be that Apple has made commitments to the US government not to facilitate growth in Africa due to the light of the IMF findings? Remember this IMF speech was made at Stanford University the very place Steve Jobs attended and gave lecturers too himself. If this is so and it really looks so as multinationals companies NEVER throw away money and profit, then they SHOULD be boycotted by Diasporians in the diaspora and Born Africans IMMEDIATELY.

We have to get our head back in the game as Black people whether we are in the diaspora or here on the continent to know and to accept that we are in a battle for our survival and the prosperity of our unborn children. This is by no means lightweight stuff but incredibly serious work a work not for finance but for survival.. We need to use our resources to understand our enemies intentions and then act to usurp his plans collectively.

Collectively is the word that scares them because it infers unity. It also infers communication a single understanding based on the actual facts of what needs to be done. This is what the IMF former chief was talking about. The ability for us to transfer information quickly. He wouldn’t say exactly the nature of the information that worried him was but it wasn’t the movement of commodities and general population chit chat.

What scares the enemy of our rise should become an instruction to us that we should work hardest in that area.

To engage our enemy’s is not racism, nor is it against what is right. No one now in 2017 can deny that we diasporians along with our born African brothers and sisters have an enemy. This enemy or if you prefer opponent has chosen that their children hundreds of years into the future will rule over ours. We disagree! So let’s charter a new course to cut them off from having the advantage.

First we need to do an inventory check of our resources in this endeavor. Our strategic locations and knowledge of the opponent’s are unmatched. Our access to mineral resources for the amassing of political power on the world stage is also unmatched. We lack only in our understanding towards each other inside and outside of Africa. Unity can collectively be conceived through the acknowledgement of ACTUAL FACTS, THE TIME, AND WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE NOT ONLY FOR US BUT FOR OUR CHILDREN WAY INTO THE FUTURE.

Will Muhammad