The pace of publications

I was never the one to put pen to paper. During the time when i was growing up the UK education system was so heavily corrupt, racist and bias against education for black men that we felt that the whole idea was for white people. So we simply didn’t apply ourselves. However coming to Africa compelled me to document to the best of my ability what i have found, and what i know would be of great interest to my people back in the diaspora.

Please bear with me when it comes to the intricacies of correct and precise grammar according to Oxford or Cambridge your dealing with a secondary school UK education. Please relax remain objective and non prejudice even though something may seem irregular or is not in accord with what you have been told.

I give my readers the guaranteed assurances that what you read here is of tangible actual facts and truth. No matter how uncomfortable it might feel to the emotional or the guilty alike. These principles are what i have adopted as the standard for this blog from the good teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. We are told to speak truth no matter whom or what.

It really would be a waste of my time to not take this volume of writings seriously. Without any discipline or aim, without trying to be of informational use to equip the reader with relevant knowledge. This is my ultimate aim and target for this blog.

Because of this fact i decided i would rather not write than to write just for the sake of popularity or entertainment. I would rather keep quiet if i haven’t found something relevant interesting and useful to write about. This is primarily the reason why the volume here is not as big or publications not as frequent as most other blogs. Im striving for quality not necessary quantity.

We welcome all readers to comment i am also cool with entering conversations that will spring up in the comments threads. Of course I would ask all to maintain a standard of decency and intelligence in the comments you make.

Will Muhammad