The Ghana endorsement



I take pride insticking to difficult truths in this blog. Sometimes those truths are uncomfortable challenging and risk causing negitive reactions, however they cannot be swept under the carpet nor can we who love and believe in the idea of an improved Ghana bury our heads in the sand in the face of real work.

We who are quick to enjoy the benefits of this great nation have a responsibility to speak the truth about it so that what is undesirable can be taken care of and what is good can be enhanced.

I chose to live in Ghana in 2005 it was the best decision of my life. Today 2016 I am committed to this nation willing to do my part, choosing Ghana once again even after knowledge of its good and bad. Every nation on the face of this earth has challenges, but why I wouldn’t concern myself with the challenges of nations that I have no connect to is inadvertently why I concern myself passionately with Ghanaian chall


Even if the exposure of subject matter is uncomfortable or even distasteful it’s best told so when the one who has the authority and skill to deal with that problem reads he/she is motivated to formulate solutions.

I DONNOT believe that being a disaporian alone gives you incite into the idiosyncrasies of life in Ghana, far from it, because when we first come here we are perfectly blind deaf dumb and clueless to local knowledge and understanding.

We Disaporians are qualified in what we know of the diasporer. Most of our knowledge is extremely important for Africa to trust and utilise, particularly the knowledge of the white man and his strengths, weaknesses, motivations limitations and morals. These are not generally known in the motherland to the intimate extent that we know them.

However local understanding and unity comes with time spent on the ground in Africa. If we spend time here with a love for our brothers and sisters knowing that we are all one, and a faith that enables us to endure the lack of creature comforts that we have grown accustomed to in the diasporer, then and only then do we begin the journey of true assimilation back into what our fathers where taken from.

Being physically on the continent is by no means the end of the process. If we don’t foster a willingness to learn what we don’t know, teach only what we do know and remain rooted in truths and facts, we can be physically in the motherland but never OF the motherland.

Ghana is a nation marshalling its energy towards a new impetus of cohesion in national identity and collective belonging. As diasporians we should be vigorously involved to contribute to the national agenda in any way we can. This blog is dedicated to that end.

The great Asagefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah said “I am an African, not because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me”. Do you the reader believe that Africa should rise? Do you believe in this enough to help, to contribute, to endure to sacrifice ?  Or do you just have a African picture on your wall or a African pendant around your neck?

Even those who where born here and look to leave at every turn believing that life can only be better outside Africa are questioned by Nkrumahs statement.

The benefits of living in Ghana can be sumerised by one word ownership. The ability to be your own self without grappling with an assumed identity to be acceptable by others (we can speak the truth and live according to the truth freely). Ownership of property and land freeing you of crippling stressful bills that really just lead to sicknesses. Knowing that every penny you spend goes to the benefit of  your own African people and not being a victim of stealth taxes to fun wars that kill innocent people.

These are only a small number of benefits that Africa provides not to mention the vast array of non GM foods and chemical death that is prepared for us in the Diaspora. It would take another writing to go into the medicinal herbs and spices available. Family orientated sociaty is in full effect in Ghana without the deterioration of marriage and respect for fatherhood to the extent that we have suffered in the Diaspora.

This is one area of benefit to Africa that I know will come under attack by those who have enemy minds, particularly the discredit of the father in the home. I appeal to Ghanaians that they should guard well against the coming attack on the fatherhood of this nation by the enemies and those who believe in the enemies way foolishly.

The born diasporian and the born African can be a formidable and effective team both working for our survival first and sharing information that educates us all to handle the enemy of our rise and enhance the preservation of our nation’s of people.

Just like it would be crazy that a Chinese man born in London has no connection to China it’s crazy for a diasporian to not connect to Africa. No tree can be fruitful without standing on its roots.

I’m so happy that I have made my sentiments clear in this post. What I have said here remains in my mind even though in other writing you might feel I am attacking the validity of Ghana or attacking the natural intelligence or ability of the Ghanaian people. No! It’s my attempt to highlight the bad for the purpose of good.

Will Muhammad