Our formula has arrived

if (exclusive>inclusive) {
        progress towards unity freedom and independence;
    } else {
        continued confusion misplaced loyalties and fragmentation;

Can you imagine the tectonic shift in world opinion if Africa and its descendants in the diaspora MOVED IN UNISON, even on ONE SERIOUS ISSUE?

If the nations of Africa and their descendants in the diaspora drew a mark in the sand. An African limitation, a joint resolve. An agreement that we implemented together, that the world had to respect and abide by?

To the wise the importance of the issues involved would possibly be secondary only to the fact we black people unified with ourselves in a binding commitment. The connotations of Africans and the Diasporians speaking with one voice would be tremendous. Remember it was their intention that African descendants in the diaspora had no national name or social title even. We are well aware that the word “Diasporian has no reference in the Oxford or Cambridge dictionary but are we inclusive in those writings?.. Or do we not think we can create words that are more fitting for the expression of life WE desire?

Immediately for the first time in history other nations will be compelled very quickly to meaningfully change their foreign policies with us to accommodate the new unity. This would be the least of the connotations and eventualities …

We have to do it….

But there is a fundamental problem

When i was a youngster growing up in London UK i always heard the call for Africa to unite. To me Africa uniting seemed Inevitable and obvious. So obvious in fact that in our young Caribbean influenced minds we at least thought that this was only a matter of when not if. You can reference this in our music. We felt that even if it was years into the future it was bound to happen. A prophetical eventuality…

Sadly Africa on the ground in the minds of Africans and for the vast majority involved haven’t given much credit to this notion, let alone seeing any importance in striving in the direction of continental unity. It would be easy for example to find dislike for Osagefo Kwame Nkrumah (the first president of the Republic of Ghana) in Accra Ghana even to the point of disrespect of him and his unequalled vision for his time.

In order to come to understand the benefits one would have to have a good knowledge of what is going on outside of Africa and beyond. However locally our people are preoccupied with the battle of making ends meet and tackling local injustices. They are divided along party political lines busy opposing each other and not seeing that we ALL are on the same team.

Not only this but we must never forget to recognise the two schools of thought here also. Joint initiatives for the main have been inclusive with the rest of the world and not for the primary exclusive good of Africa. The reality is if Africa continues on this trajectory it will never come even close to meaningful unity. Without divine intervention.

“If we are guided by Allah..God then there is nothing that we cannot do, we are more than qualified to erect a new nation on the foundations of the old”

Quote Honourable minister Louis Farrakhan

Something big has to happen.

where do we start?

The importance of knowledge of self within a national unity context.

The Most Honourable Elijah Muhammad who is undoubtably the premier Exclusive school leader, with none coming even close to his achievements taught THE primary principle “Accept your own and be yourself” as a direction, and he also posed the question “who is the original man?” as a starting block to set out our root policy. Now don’t be phased born Africans with religion. Let’s remain OBJECTIVE and factual.

The meer fact that we black (original) people contain the identity of the supreme being is a point that needs serious long-lasting thought. It would be impossible to be original and not be the direct descendant of the creator himself. These matters deserve serious attention and serious minds. Not minds that gravitate towards disunity at every turn.

Like a seed this incredible truth and fact has been kept hidden and for obvious reasons. This originality demonstrates our direct link to THE SUPREME BEING and is core to the black nation. If we become clear about this it will definitely grow as our consciousness manifest more and more the connotations of its truth. As a man/woman thinketh so is he/she remember.

So the importance of not allowing this truth to be planted is paramount because there is a certainty of its germination. We are literally talking about the connection between us and the Supreme Being being turned back on.

So this notion in the confines of this worlds thinking or inclusive thinking is discredited on mass, without any factual deliberation. Automatically when one of us points to the fact that black people being the original people are in direct lineage to the supreme being. The brother or sister is marginalised.

This is why the Most Honourable Elijah Muhammad taught the importance of Actual Facts in our discourse and critical thinking with one another. Because fact is supreme over opinions. So we know that it is a fact that we are the original people of this planet.

We know that all the other people came after us and from us. We know these things not because the Most Honourable Elijah Muhammad said it, but because after he said it we have gone to find what he said, and found it to be absolute actual facts. So if we are told that Allah/God created a man in his own image and likeness as written in Genesis then that man was the original man… US.

Us in the Bible and We in the Holy Quran.

This writing is not for the purpose of pointing out what has already been established. But rather we are examining what comes next.

Computer coding and programming peoples minds

I found it interesting that coding a computer comes about first by text. A written language that when run through a compiler becomes a binary executable file or collectively a program. But what is even more interesting is that there is a parallel with this information that we need to consider. like our process of analysis the complier in say for example .java needs to decipher the text’s credibility.

It does so by cross checking its compliance to the constraints of binary (logic/mathematics). Only if the text is true or in accord to this maths is it able to be executed. So the text file file.java is authenticated or certified into an executable .class file that can be used. file.class or file.exe

The Holy Quran along with the Bible are referred to as scripture… Just like a textual programme .java file. Mathematics (binary) is the highest form of communication because it surpasses all boundaries. No matter where you are in the universe one and one is always going to be two. This is the definition of truth.

Only if the programme script is true will it become an executable file which is a binary presentation of the original text proven by the compiler to be completely “true” enabling it to run. After this text is qualified into binary it will run and it will perform the task that it was created to do. It works not once but every time it is run barring any exceptions that might occur during runtime.

So in simple terms the universal parallel suggests that any idea or initiative we receive has to also be cross checked according to objective truth, if it fails it should be forgotten.

There is a great saying that the definition of madness is “doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result” Equally as mad is doing different things and expecting the same result. Evidents of one thing bringing its exclusive result.

So we should only be interested like the compiler as to wether the idea is logically/truthfully correct or incorrect.

The compiler isn’t interested in the content of the programme other than if it works out to be true or false. There is no opinions in the complier as to the sentiments of the programme, or who wrote it. It is Emotionless. So should our deliberations be as to validating our path forward.

Lately the worlds inclusive school has hatched terms such as “non binary” when referring to individuals who no longer want to be the gender they were born with. Some openly declare that they are not any particular gender. The point is that to assume a “non binary” position about anything renders it unworkable. In fact “non binary” is impossible it points to a void within fact and truth. In programming language at runtime this is called an Exception and if not caught will crash the whole computer!!

Why is this information important for Black people and Africa’s unity ?

It is fair to assume that if you don’t know yourself you cannot act as yourself. This in turn will bring about a result that is not good or true for self. We can see why the first instruction in the teachings of the Most Honourable Elijah Muhammad is “Accept your own and be yourself” indeed how can you be yourself if you don not accept that which is rightfully yours?

The most important thing we posses isn’t anything physical it is our minds, our very thinking and our ability to think freely. The question “are we in our right and own minds” is a valid one. Have we accepted our own mind, do we even know what our own mind looks like? Well the litmus test is simple, if we are in our right minds we would be about the business of doing that which is beneficial to self. (If) however we are in the business of doing self harm, or doing that which is primarily beneficial to others (Then) we can deduce that we are not in our own minds. Binary deduction is what is needed in every suggestion.

The current programme running in our minds

“let this mind be in you the same in Jesus Christ” Is the scripture. What this proves is that minds are interchangeable. This is the pre determined assertion in this statement. But we can also go further and say our minds are programmable. The word programme denotes an ability of execution coming from a written word.

+the message to the Blackman refers to the robbery of the mind as being the most severe of robberies. +

So therefore even if not said like this the Diasporian and born African alike are in a quest to find our own minds. The only question is what does that mind look like other than that what we already have?


Before we begin to examine US we need to understand that we all don’t think alike. In fact this is not the aim of this exercise. The aim is to regain our own minds so that within that sphere whatever we think and do is for the benefit of self family and nation. So despite all the political or religious understandings nobody position ill effects the black nation as a whole.

Thankfully this is far more easier than it sounds because there is only one thing hindering us from attaining this. We call it the “Silent conscription to the two schools of thought” When we look into this we see two deep rooted positions that are incompatible and as a result destroy all national social religious and business unity efforts made by our people here in the motherland and in the diaspora.

The two schools of thought definition

Code binary = Exclusive and Inclusive Mindset EXMST INCMST

In the Diaspora just as in Africa there are two schools of thought that our people have signed up to concerning the way forward. The first and more vocal of these two schools are those who believe in an inclusive solution/road map into the future for our people. That whatever we do must meet and match other world groups in THEIR idea of how nations should be run and managed. This school assumes automatically that others have the blue print and have qualified themselves as the ultimate nation builders based on their physical achievements and influences.

In the diaspora this school of thought is what is behind all the domestic initiatives and black organisations that are fighting for EQUAL rights WITHIN those host nations, and in accord to local legal policies and provisions. In Africa this school brings about initiatives that are trying to mold Africa into what is generally accepted in the rest of the world, even to the extent of homosexuality or misplaced female domination. I mentioned these only as an ultimate example, but there are A WHOLE WORLD OF other ideas that are alien to our natural cultures and customs involved.

The second School are those who are actually the opposite to the inclusive group, those who want an exclusive black expression and direction that is tailor-made for us THE particular people as the solution. Searching for a way forward within our own determinations based on our own needs aspirations idea and expressions. These groups are those in the diaspora who want to belong to a nation of their own, and in Africa they want to preserve their culture and practices to the exclusion of outside forces and influences. This school from what i can tell are not opposed to joint initiatives with other nations but seek self benefit as a priority.

for further information listen to podcast link below

1.EVERYONE has silently signed up to one of the two schools

What is good for us can also be good for other peoples, but what is good for others cant always be good for us.. This statement can be confounded to be saying the same thing, but it demonstrates that the premise of thought or the initial approach if changed can bring about a huge difference in results even though the elements are similar..

Every black person on this planet has a underlying opinion on how we should relate to ourselves as a family of people and how we should relate to others. Often these positions are not declared because they are a status not required within this world of white conceptual dominance. After all the collective academic opinions of blacks are a matter of little relevancy to the everyday running of this white system.

So up until now these positions have not been highlighted and we all have allowed them to permeate together unnoticed. This thinking that they have little significants causes a incoherent incompatibility within our family of people.

This has to end. If you are inclusive then declare it and join on to those who think like you, go and build together with the rest of the world. But if you find that the exclusive position more defines your outlook then let’s be free of the hindrances of those who desire to water down our resolve and value of black self.

2. The two schools CANNOT coexist in the same endeavour, organisation, religion or nation in harmony. The incompatibility that comes about because of the opposing positions in the two cannot be reconciled or resolved. Because logically they inherently are diametrically opposed.

This is the reason why black organisations fail. They fail because amongst their ranks are conscripts to both schools of thought. One school silently believing that “progress” is defined primarily for the good of black people and the other the good of everyone.

Also Due to the pervasive inclination towards inclusiveness fuelled by the media some of our people cant seem to accept that we have an enemy, and that this enemy or want for a better word opposer is busy thwarting any effort towards our coming together by any means at their disposal. In fact the Inclusive mindset refusing to accept this is by his design and all a part of the enemies strategy. We black people are at the chess table but refuse to make any moves. Too busy preoccupied with the positions of our own pieces in relationship to one another without due recognition of the position of pieces belonging to the opposition. It is in fact a check mate move that he has made on our minds. To think there is no enemy is to loose the fight without even getting into the ring.

So wether the subject is community development, nation building, or a simple group of our people centered around any particular idea. The internal problem of the two schools of thought hurt progress in both desired directions. It’s devastating to have inclusive members present in a black nationalist agenda for example, and its a waste to have exclusive thinkers as defined present within inclusive world organisations.

Even in the family structure the two schools have devastated the coherence of our households leading to our Diasporian high rate of marital failure and unity on how children should be raised.

Two schools of thought in theology and religion

It’s a basic fact that some of us can be described as theologically inclusive. which indicates that we are striving hard to establish an alternative truth that is more palatable to all the nations of people. Even though both the Holy Quran and the Bible makes classifications and distinctions of nations of peoples. At this point we must refer back to SCRIPTure.

If we study Jesus’s words we see that he made clear distinctions between groups of people. In fact he was told to teach a particular people and not another group of people. But this went further, as he made statements that really pointed to the facts that humans are not one family of people at all. He pointed to the fact that there are two fathers and that those two fathers had an influence on the behaviours of their respected children. So it wasn’t for everyone according to his mind to accept the truth in which he spoke. How then can there be a genuine theological workable idea for all of “humanity”?

Now we can get emotional about this and the inclusive programme running in our heads certainly would kick in on any impartial study of these points, especially considering who is speaking, but make no mistake this is the ultimate Exclusive school of thought thinking in Jesus who we all say we hold high.

John 8. KJV
42 Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me.
43 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.
44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.
46 Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me?
47 He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.

This should be enough to crash the inclusive programming in any serious black mind. But we must look further as we are living in a world that has undervalued Scripture. In doing so it has been given the space to add ideas that where not intended by the master.

Which ever way we look at it we must conclude that there is no credible basis for the presents of theological inclusiveness. Every Ethnic group has the responsibility to instil to the best of its ability their theological principles it is not a shared responsibility. The reason for this is simple, one group suffers differently and is in need of guidance specific to its particular problem over another. This is why Jesus was sent to a particular group and so was all of the other servants of GOD. Although at the same time no one can deny the reality of Universal truth but it’s the different pace and acceptance of truth that varies between ethnic groups that creates the need for particular and specified approaches.

In fact we as a people have no time or influence in the affairs of theology outside of our own kind. We see this in both churches and mosques around the world that naturally for the most part they where formed by a particular race of people. Nobody challenges the existence of a black church for example, even though some of these churches teach the opposite to what Jesus’s Exclusive position was. We don’t have to even get into the social or ethnic identity of Jesus here only that he made a HUGE exclusive definition between the people before him.

A world view the melting pot or the salad bowl

Let us look at the Israelis of today and their quest and declaration to the world for a “Jewish” state. Nobody is outraged, everyone understands including me that they should have a state primarily designed to meet their needs over the needs of others. At the same time other groups live in isreal and do business with her. We are not talking about how subjectively Israel relates to others outside of this national declaration.

But objectively without emotion using a complier like perspective if you are a Jew you should have a Jewish state.

But not only if you are a Jew but everyone in my book should have their respected states. This is not the case.

1 Why is it wrong for a declaration of a black state?

Is it wrong because of reasons that do not apply to Jews for example? This would be impossible for anyone to explain within the confines of logic.

2 Is the idea of Jewish State of Israel bad for the Jewish people?

So where is the “logic” that seeks to uproot acceptance of a state that is for primarily the benefit of all black people? It is deeply rooted in the silent conscription of the inclusive school of thought. Obviously the Jews are not running this programme mindset.

We mentioned Israel here because it’s the clearest living example of an Exclusive setup that is not only acceptable but also Declared in its name.

Let’s look at the nations in Africa. Can we say “I am going to the black state of Ghana”? what type of reaction would you get on such a statement. Certainly you will not get the same reaction as we do to the declaration of the “Jewish state of Israel” amongst our own black people. This article will bring about controversy along these lines and the inclusive school of thought will rail and kick against it but the exclusive school will totally understand. How then can we build unless there is a concious classification of thought and a separation of those who are not comptable?

lets think…

The black state of Ghana, The black state of Nigeria, the black state of Jamaica the black state of Barbados The black state of Gambia of Kenya of Trinidad etc..

Remember that the test that we are in our right mind is to evaluate our activities in relationship to SELF preservation and benefit. All of you readers who have got to this point and are now feeling disturbed, know to the degree that you are disturbed is to the degree you are of the inclusive school. I intend to demonstrate even outside of this writing the (in some cases unawares to the holder) conscription into the inclusive school of thought. We have to go after this huge gap, this gaping divided that runs silently in the minds of both blacks here in Africa and in the diaspora and permeates ALL aspects of our lives.

Within a salad bowl which is a very healthy thing to eat every ingredient retains its form and creation. Together making a better dish. America and the west say they are a melting pot suggesting that ingredients should change form and merge into one sludge.. this is the difference between the manifestation of the two schools put into practice.

Now lets look at our leaders using the spy glass of the definition of the two schools of thought… Lets use the spy glass to look at our political affiliations and policies that we have previously supported.. Let’s look at Initiatives like GMO . and others… let’s examine the statements made by all those who stand before us using the two schools of thought (TSOT) spy glass. Join on to your own school in every facet of life and in every group or organisation and build with like minds only.

This is not dividing our people as these lines already exists but its the first step towards strategising and navigating around this silent and deadly phycological divide that is more effective keeping us apart that any political party, religion, tribe or nationality.

Huge change requires huge events.. In this instance a deep and meaningful change of our minds. The reasons why a change within the entire black nation of people is needed can be measured in how well this current mindset preserves our existence and serves self, family and nations. Needless to say anyone using this as a barometer with an objective logical and mathematical mind will determine that we are doing very badly. It is therefore imperative that we highlight the cancer the (inclusive mindset).

Feel free to comment respectfully

Will Muhammad


Black Americans in Africa in relationship to the black world

I felt it necessary to write about this topic because of the learning curve we Diasporians have to go through when we come to the motherland. This curve in essence is the getting to grips with different understandings, customs, and procedures so that we can connect with our brothers and sisters on the continent in mutual benefit and success.

Success here doesn’t mean using Africa to make an exorbitant amount of money in the guise of “doing for self”, without relating to the common people on the ground. Or frequenting those in power, to power grab positions of influence without local experience or qualification. Success surely should mean that the two parties find a way to work as one ultimately reaching a point of mutual benefit and progress for all of our people.

This writing is for both the Diasporian and the born African in an attempt to bring a better understanding between us.

In order for any Diasporian to really experience valuable lessons enough to be a guide to others and be an asset to Africa, WE HAVE TO AT LEAST LIVE HERE most of the time. Anything less is an insult to Africa if you want to claim to be an authority on African life. If however you don’t claim to be an authority then just visiting would make more sense.

No more should we in the Diaspora entertain members of the family giving lectures on Africa in our schools universities and colleges simply because they have been here a few times. Certainly borne Africans should also reject those who come from abroad claiming to be of some authority on African life without having their base on the motherland.

Time on the ground in Africa is something in my opinion immigration should also consider as merit when Diasporian assessments are made. In some cases nationality is mysteriously acquired by people who havent even contributed on resident permit levels which is a scandalous utilisation of corruption. Africa has to ask itself “How can those who are willing to abuse the country be qualified as members of the country?”

The truth is nobody can determine true life in any country. Especially if that country is a continent away without the knowledge of its everyday life and events. For us Diasporians especially those from the USA this is particularly true.

As descendants of Africa we tend to think we already know Africa because of the “we are in tuned with our culture” characteristic. The best of us in the diaspora foster this “I haven’t lost my connection to my roots” sentiment which is a thing of admiration, but also a hindrance from the bearer possessing the truths that comes with the real Africa.

So instead of adaptation to what is real taking place, and the replacing of misconceptions in our minds when faced with the reality, we instead assume arrogance unawares in some cases and blatant in others.

This has to be addressed amongst the various educational organisations in the diaspora. Let the family realise that on their return to the motherland YOU DO NOT KNOW HER. Nor do those who remain in the diaspora know her no matter what irrelevant scholarship they give each other. Misconceptions comes about through study of historical writings for the most part, and western media reports on the other. These only serve to further isolate any chance of meaningful mutual understanding and connection between the born African and the Diasporian today.

This is because by inference it suggests that Africa is not evolving or changing, and that somehow we can be qualified in the subject of Africa by reading a few books or watching bias reportage. This error along with arrogance leads to buffoonery when on the motherland, the acting as if we know when inside we know we are way off the mark.

So now your professor so and so in the W.EB dubois center for example strutting around and totally disconnected with both common folk here in Africa and also those in the diaspora its a crying shame and a disgrace. All organisation in Africa posing as ambassadorial of Diasporians to born African people should at least encompasses the entire Diasporian community to the best of their ability not just privileged Black America. Either this or be sentenced eventually to irrelevancy, untuned, by the very people you claim to represent.

It is very confrontational to suggest to the brother or sister that in fact you are not untuned at all. This characteristic and disconnection even continues when we have property business or we come to Africa often.

The only way to begin to relate, and understand, to truly share sentiment and advice, and to see each other equally with our born African family is to have an intimate knowledge of true African life in Africa. Of course, it stands to reason! How would you reconcile the utterances of one who claims to know the people of America and to be an authority on american life but has hardly been there? You would flatly reject this notion knowing the ever-changing dynamic of the USA cannot be captured simply by reading a book or frequenting well off aristocracy in America.

This chronic misconception can lead to odd behavioural patterns. Like the striving to dress more “African” than those who were born here, or adopting cultural customs and beliefs that we do not understand. I have seen black Americans engaged in this on quite a few levels some to the open ridicule and laughter of the locals. In fact it has gotten to the point where they will try to dictate to you that you should be the same. I have been told that I should grow my beard and not low-cut my hair in order to embrace my roots.

This unfortunately is nothing but trivia because even though we are descendants of Africa we are definitely not that African if you are talking about a social or nationalistic definitive aspects of that name. There is a credible argument that we are all Spiritually African however.

Needless to say we are family, in both the diasporian and the born African there is a spiritual connection and a common ancestor. This leads to similarities in the reality of our lives. Even though these realities may not be known to each group. They can be found in traditional foods, in the spoken words of the diaspora (patios), and in the general environment of the Caribbean. Similarities also can be found in the music that each group makes.

In some examples the parallels are surreal. For example the land buildings and environment of Jamaica’s hilly parishes and the rolling Akwapim hills from Larteh Mampong and Aburi are so similar that photography can confuse the locals in each country (Ghana and Jamaica). These are some cases that are clear evidence of kinship.

This connection however even though beautiful and compelling doesn’t put all hands on deck towards unity and building together. In order for us to unite with our borne brothers and sisters in Africa many conceptual stages of realities have to be mutually understood. The first of which is to know our kinship, but then we have to understand where our needs meet as ONE people. When this is done the practicalities of working together towards those needs also brings about unknown dynamics that have to be mutually understood for us to be successful in our work.

Things like fair assessments of people’s character figuring out how to practically work towards those benefits using all groups and a whole volume of critical actual fact assessments that will give us the necessary balance. This will allow us to exist with each other in the harmony of productivity and peace. Without achieving this harmony and peace we run into all kinds of trouble.

Examination of self

Most of what has already been mentioned refers to diasporians in general. But the truth is not all of our people in the diaspora are as equally unfamiliar with true african life. Indeed some are born Africans and some are the first generation from born Africans. These are those amongst our family obviously that know the most about real african life.

If we take them as one end of the scale when it come to actual fact knowledge in this endeavour then we have to humbly admit that on the other end of the scale is the African-American. They are the least familiar group to Africa amongst black people who were involved in the history of the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade. This is true despite their proficiency in world media education. With these two extremities we have a more difficult task trying to reconcile sentiments customs beliefs and roadmaps towards the goal (unity of the entire family). So its intelligent to look in the family for other members who conceptually have middle ground. I believe those Diasporians that have a more balanced knowledge or the ability to be the link in the chain bringing black America together with black Africa is black Europe.

Lets take the UK for example even though the UK is just as far western in beliefs as the United States, the Diasporians there are not suffering the same levels of African hate because of Europe’s geography to Africa and the connection to the west Indies or back to Africa through parentage. This coupled with the fact that from about forty years ago west African people migrated in increasing numbers into the UK. This intimate contact with our brothers and sisters from Africa in Europe to a larger extent demystified the notions that are being sold to us by the worlds media about African people. In contrast the USA black population remains disconnected for the most part still entertaining negative and erroneous misconceptions about Africans.

In some instances these untruths misconceptions and rumours are vulgar and insulting to born Africans and really to other parts of the Diasporian community. vulgar jokes that are funny to black americans are simply insults to the rest of the black conscious world. What is also ironic is that given this truth some black americans incredibly would claim to be the most informed about the motherland discrediting the facts and the people who actually know.

Under the guise of comedy Jamie Foxx insulted the whole of Africa. But what is more sick and disturbing than his insulting rant for money fame and cheap laughs is the crowds mindset, actually thinking this was funny. This is not an acceptable mind for people to return to Africa with. If I where in the position of responsibility in an African government I would never grant citizenship to people who have this kind of thinking.

We Diasporians who love Africa have to make it known that we are all not in agreement with this insult and are willing to sacrifice to scrutiny and co-operation to decipher the good amongst us from the bad. If this type of procedure of intelligent scrutiny is not carried out we can all be tarnished with the same brush. Our brothers and sister born on the continent have a credible responsibility to guard Africa and its people no matter what colour the hostile are, and we should be with them to do so one hundred percent.

Black americans just like other groups are only qualified to represent itself to Africa. (Before I continue its accurate to say as we well know that there are some in the USA that are definitely not included in this analysis it’s just a pity that from the outside it seems that this ugly reality looks pervasive).

Now Jamie Foxx wouldn’t get away with this in most black communities in Europe or the Caribbean. Of course there are those who might fall into the same category there but it’s not as pervasive nor generally acceptable within those areas of the diaspora. For a prominent black public figure to perform this sickness in the UK it would mean that he wants to end his fortune and disconnect his fans.

I’m not trying to tear down Jaime Foxx as an individual because he is not alone he is a product of the society he grew up in. We can only assume that he is a man of intelligence a person who is well aware of the importance of his fame and acceptance. By his own calculation this mockery is acceptable in the minds of black americans enough not to warrant any damage of his reputation. His thinking wasnt incorrect either as this recording was made in the ascension of his career. Just think about that for a minute or two.

Foxx’s sentiments are reflected in many USA black entertainment performances. From the movies Next Friday to The Barbershop, whenever Africans are portrayed in black american entertainment they are ridiculed and made mockery of.

Unpalatable this might be to some but it’s the white elephant in the room that needs to be acknowledged and taken care of. Now of course the reasons for this dementia is the result of black Americans being in the possession of the enemy of our unity. The enemy of both those in the diaspora of African decent and of born Africans at home. They have adopted the sentiments of their former slave masters before the world in short.

Unfortunately this cannot be ignored especially by those African authorities who seek to be truly independent of damaging alien mindsets. Now we must be careful there are members of the black american community who are good and strong advocates of Africa and the African people. They can be located mostly in various organisations within America. They by no means fall into the category of those entertained by this type of Jamie Foxx like entertainment. They are those who Africa recognise to be of great benefit.

What we must learn from this is that different parts of our black nation in which we should ALL be very proud of has different areas and levels of qualification. These qualifications we have inherited through our various experiences and the experiences of those who brought us to this point of history.

if we restructure our thinking outside of the confines of white nationality we begin to realise we are one nation. Black americans have a particular value that other parts of the family don’t have, but in truth so do the other parts of the family. Each part integral to the other. What we as a people conceptually miss about the black experience on the planet is not the significance of black Africa or Black america but the key middle ground which is black Europe.

Black Europeans are the key players in creating the possibilities of unity throughout the whole family. Think carefully where else have you even heard the term “Black Europe”? Black Europe is real and it sits in the center ground of conceptual understanding between all parts in the mix. There is no part of the diaspora and of Africa that blacks in Europe don’t have intimate access and knowledge of. Simply because Black Europe is partly Black African and partly Black Caribbean along with Elements of Black Nations around the world.

This is why the UK government banned the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan from the United Kingdom. He having the ability to stymulate black Europe that would bring an unstoppable chain of events inevitably bringing and end to white supremacy’s hold on us in every corner of this world. This potentially would lead to our total unity. It was a key chess move by the enemies of Black Freedom and liberation.

I stood on the roof of the Brixton Recreational Center in London UK years after the ban during the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s United Nations Press Conference in 1998. We were frustrated that the signal coming from the satellite was not there allowing us to hear him live.

The technician was just as astounded as the members of the Nation of Islam present. he said the signal which was available everyday is simply not there. It was disconnected from space he declared!!!! This demonstrates the magnitude in which they will go to stop something in our favour. As the United Kingdom spawned the white supremacist world ironically the same area can potentially bring about the catalyst of the black world. Please read. (The Meaning of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time))

If you think of all of our great black leaders they never ascribed to compartmentalization of the black nation e.g white Nationalistic boarders. We have to admit whenever we think in those terms it has been to our disadvantage. We must now assume an all-inclusive and collective approach. Each department working for the good of us all.

Black Europe has been for the most part ignored in much writings concerning our struggle. Almost as if black people there don’t exist. I would go as far as to say without the black European there will be no reconciliation or unity between Black Africa and Black America. Think of Black Europeans as a stepping stone a bridge between the two furthest points in our family. The black European is not unfamiliar to all but the other groups are filled with preconceived and inaccurate ideas about each other.

How can this understanding be utilised?

Undoubtably it would take the formation of a road map using all three houses of our families. Our greatest minds would have to come together with actual local facts to be processed objectively and in unison for the good of all departments of the black nation. There would have to be a breakdown of national identity in our minds. Our identities would have to be hinged on something higher than social or tribal classifications. Spiritual recognition and nature goes with us even if we were born on the moon. I like the description given to the Most Honourable Elijah Muhammad of us. The black man is the Asiatic Blackman the owner the maker the cream of the planet and God of the universe. We need divine guidence and definition.

Even if this seems impossible now we must only validate or discredit any suggestion based on its factual merit and logical feasibility. We must never judge our ideas based on the characteristics of the brother or sister who brought the idea, or any other subjective perspective. The most Honourable minister Louis Farrakhan recently pointed out that its better to be free and theologically divided because after freedom we will have the opportunity to correct our differences. Its NATION time ONE NATION under ONE GOD is the goal.

I expect this writing to cause a lot of discussion, some of which will be positive critique some otherwise, but all will be valid if the intention is to see our people free from the shackles of mental slavery and white nationalism. This is why I also love the non white documented word DIASPORIAN, because it gathers us individuals as one across national boarders. The Oxford Dictionary authors can handle a diaspora but a Diasporian is their worst nightmare. let us ratify this word in our documents and use it without apology. Some time in the future we or our children will be drafting a constitution attached to these self-proclaimed definitions God Willing/Inshallah.

Brother Will Muhammad.

WhatsAp Number 00233 508 921 437

Please feel free to comment positively below… Let me take this opportunity to inform everyone that Diasporian Return Review is looking for writers. if you are interested in contributing to this publication let us know.

The Ghana endorsement



I take pride insticking to difficult truths in this blog. Sometimes those truths are uncomfortable challenging and risk causing negitive reactions, however they cannot be swept under the carpet nor can we who love and believe in the idea of an improved Ghana bury our heads in the sand in the face of real work.

We who are quick to enjoy the benefits of this great nation have a responsibility to speak the truth about it so that what is undesirable can be taken care of and what is good can be enhanced.

I chose to live in Ghana in 2005 it was the best decision of my life. Today 2016 I am committed to this nation willing to do my part, choosing Ghana once again even after knowledge of its good and bad. Every nation on the face of this earth has challenges, but why I wouldn’t concern myself with the challenges of nations that I have no connect to is inadvertently why I concern myself passionately with Ghanaian chall


Even if the exposure of subject matter is uncomfortable or even distasteful it’s best told so when the one who has the authority and skill to deal with that problem reads he/she is motivated to formulate solutions.

I DONNOT believe that being a disaporian alone gives you incite into the idiosyncrasies of life in Ghana, far from it, because when we first come here we are perfectly blind deaf dumb and clueless to local knowledge and understanding.

We Disaporians are qualified in what we know of the diasporer. Most of our knowledge is extremely important for Africa to trust and utilise, particularly the knowledge of the white man and his strengths, weaknesses, motivations limitations and morals. These are not generally known in the motherland to the intimate extent that we know them.

However local understanding and unity comes with time spent on the ground in Africa. If we spend time here with a love for our brothers and sisters knowing that we are all one, and a faith that enables us to endure the lack of creature comforts that we have grown accustomed to in the diasporer, then and only then do we begin the journey of true assimilation back into what our fathers where taken from.

Being physically on the continent is by no means the end of the process. If we don’t foster a willingness to learn what we don’t know, teach only what we do know and remain rooted in truths and facts, we can be physically in the motherland but never OF the motherland.

Ghana is a nation marshalling its energy towards a new impetus of cohesion in national identity and collective belonging. As diasporians we should be vigorously involved to contribute to the national agenda in any way we can. This blog is dedicated to that end.

The great Asagefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah said “I am an African, not because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me”. Do you the reader believe that Africa should rise? Do you believe in this enough to help, to contribute, to endure to sacrifice ?  Or do you just have a African picture on your wall or a African pendant around your neck?

Even those who where born here and look to leave at every turn believing that life can only be better outside Africa are questioned by Nkrumahs statement.

The benefits of living in Ghana can be sumerised by one word ownership. The ability to be your own self without grappling with an assumed identity to be acceptable by others (we can speak the truth and live according to the truth freely). Ownership of property and land freeing you of crippling stressful bills that really just lead to sicknesses. Knowing that every penny you spend goes to the benefit of  your own African people and not being a victim of stealth taxes to fun wars that kill innocent people.

These are only a small number of benefits that Africa provides not to mention the vast array of non GM foods and chemical death that is prepared for us in the Diaspora. It would take another writing to go into the medicinal herbs and spices available. Family orientated sociaty is in full effect in Ghana without the deterioration of marriage and respect for fatherhood to the extent that we have suffered in the Diaspora.

This is one area of benefit to Africa that I know will come under attack by those who have enemy minds, particularly the discredit of the father in the home. I appeal to Ghanaians that they should guard well against the coming attack on the fatherhood of this nation by the enemies and those who believe in the enemies way foolishly.

The born diasporian and the born African can be a formidable and effective team both working for our survival first and sharing information that educates us all to handle the enemy of our rise and enhance the preservation of our nation’s of people.

Just like it would be crazy that a Chinese man born in London has no connection to China it’s crazy for a diasporian to not connect to Africa. No tree can be fruitful without standing on its roots.

I’m so happy that I have made my sentiments clear in this post. What I have said here remains in my mind even though in other writing you might feel I am attacking the validity of Ghana or attacking the natural intelligence or ability of the Ghanaian people. No! It’s my attempt to highlight the bad for the purpose of good.

Will Muhammad

To realise and engage the enemy of our rise

This publication always keeps to the side of reality and truths. We know that there is an enemy to the rise of black people on this planet especially when it comes to our unity in the diaspora and uniting with our brothers and sisters on the continent of Africa. The enemies problem with this is many fold but lets just say for now that they see this as a checkmate likened to a catastrophic event bringing an end to their hegemony and wealth in the world.

For those of us who have doubt and still think its possible for us and them to coexist and somehow share the wealth together should begin their research with the former IMF chiefs lecture given to Stanford University published on this web-site.

He made one thing very clear in this lecture, the need for the western world to deal with Africa’s increasing efficiency on the distribution of information and use of mobile phones. He equated this development as threatening to western countries share of the worlds GDP in Africa’s favor. Saying “This is a MAJOR issue that is not being confronted” This is by no means a hair-brain conclusion. Nor are these type of sentiments limited to one man.

Instead of the western countries embracing this mobile phone use in active policy and initiatives they are working against it as recommended by the former IMF chief and unlike what they declare in public. The war on poverty movement is a charade a made up face to cover sinister and ruthless policies to rather keep Africa poor. These policies take shape in unsustainable conditions attached to loans from the very same IMF that blind deaf or just plain stupid politicians accept.

Did you know that Apple Inc (AAPL) the worlds biggest Internet communications device manufacturer even after knowing that the fastest growing place for mobile phone use is Africa refuses to take advantage of that market? I would say that 96 percent of mobile phones in Ghana are non Apple phones with Samsung taking the overwhelming lions share. Why would Apple not take advantage of Africa? Could it be that Apple has made commitments to the US government not to facilitate growth in Africa due to the light of the IMF findings? Remember this IMF speech was made at Stanford University the very place Steve Jobs attended and gave lecturers too himself. If this is so and it really looks so as multinationals companies NEVER throw away money and profit, then they SHOULD be boycotted by Diasporians in the diaspora and Born Africans IMMEDIATELY.

We have to get our head back in the game as Black people whether we are in the diaspora or here on the continent to know and to accept that we are in a battle for our survival and the prosperity of our unborn children. This is by no means lightweight stuff but incredibly serious work a work not for finance but for survival.. We need to use our resources to understand our enemies intentions and then act to usurp his plans collectively.

Collectively is the word that scares them because it infers unity. It also infers communication a single understanding based on the actual facts of what needs to be done. This is what the IMF former chief was talking about. The ability for us to transfer information quickly. He wouldn’t say exactly the nature of the information that worried him was but it wasn’t the movement of commodities and general population chit chat.

What scares the enemy of our rise should become an instruction to us that we should work hardest in that area.

To engage our enemy’s is not racism, nor is it against what is right. No one now in 2017 can deny that we diasporians along with our born African brothers and sisters have an enemy. This enemy or if you prefer opponent has chosen that their children hundreds of years into the future will rule over ours. We disagree! So let’s charter a new course to cut them off from having the advantage.

First we need to do an inventory check of our resources in this endeavor. Our strategic locations and knowledge of the opponent’s are unmatched. Our access to mineral resources for the amassing of political power on the world stage is also unmatched. We lack only in our understanding towards each other inside and outside of Africa. Unity can collectively be conceived through the acknowledgement of ACTUAL FACTS, THE TIME, AND WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE NOT ONLY FOR US BUT FOR OUR CHILDREN WAY INTO THE FUTURE.

Will Muhammad

The continued Ghana national power grid failures..

At any time and throughout the entire nation of Ghana the power grid can fail, or for want of a better term be switched off. This sometimes happens unannounced, without apology, and without explanation to the public. Added to this unbelievable catastrophe, is the fact that the duration of outages can also last any amount of time.

What is worst than this still is that recently there where a number of total or national failures, where the entire nations electricity was simply wiped out. This happened without adequate believable, and feasible explanation.

The “routine” failures however are no new phenomena, it has been going on for all of the fifty odd years of the independence in Ghana, and has been happening under all political parties who have been given the responsibility to rule.

I originally wrote about this some six years ago in this blog article entitled “Is this Culture?”. Most people in Ghana think this mess to be quite normal. Hence the coined phase “Light off” which conveniently diminishes the severity of the damage being done, not only to the quality of domestic life, but also to future growth and prospected industrialisation of the nation as a whole.

It is fair to assume that today’s poverty and want was cause by yesterday’s no confidants, in a country that couldn’t sustain within the limits of required profit any multinational company who may for natural resource reasons have looked at Ghana.

After all how can I make cars for example, even though the raw materials are present and the cost of transporting them low, when the prospected factory would suffer power outages that in turn would eat into profit and viability on an unquantifiable amount?

Even if you where prepared to suffer some loss, the fact that the power grid fails randomly means you cannot factor in the loss amount, it is unseen. Which is why NO serious company who are able to make multimillion dollar investments based on manufacturing can look at Ghana because she at the moment would be like going to the casino.

Ghana being a total gamble in terms of manufacturing industry investments, with the odds unseen making her a dead horse in the field of other quantifiable alternatives. This is the final nail in the coffin of a “middle income nation” or a nation that is able to provided jobs for any substantial amount of its populous.

Someone has to tell it like it is. News flash! Ghanaians your condition will NEVER improve even for the next 100 years unless they fix the national power grid to match most other countries.

Both sides of the political divided who have coined phases “we are moving forward” and “a better Ghana” even though they are exactly what is required in words, can never materialize them in deed without dependable and reliable power.

I would go as far as to say that the power grid catastrophe is the principle undoing of the nation of Ghana period bar none. Ghana has no equal problem to it. Yet it is never addressed enough or tackled enough to bring about any change.

The tragedy is that most of the people who have suffered so long under this injustice have gotten used to their misfortune so much that they don’t see the full extent of the hurt and damage not only to present Ghana but Ghana in the future also. This is a condemnation on even the unborn Ghanaian children. This condition of apathy only ensures that the problem remains as no one is vigorously calling those responsible to account.

Causes and excuses.

Seeing we are in a scenario where nearly all people in the country don’t realize the gravity and urgency of this problem we are left with abusive excuses that are contemptuous, nonsensical, and plainly incredible.


The Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) has apologized for the loss of electrical power supply which occurred throughout the country on Wednesday, March 21 saying the cause of the power outage was as a result of loss of a generator in the Ivorian power system which is interconnected to the Ghana system.
GRIDCo observed that the loss of the generator led to a frequency decay and instability in the Ghana power system leading to the loss of all power generators in the country.

Now lets stop a second and analyse this. What The Ghana Grid Company Limited is saying is that a generator in another country has somehow led to the TOTAL shut down of the Ghanaian power Grid even as far as several hundred miles away on the other side of the country, a shocking declaration!

What are the national security implications of another country having the ability of entirely closing down your countries national grid??

How can it be possible that there be many power generation sites strewn across Ghana as in any country and they be all at once subjected to failure??

Even if this is technically possible would such a model be acceptable given the fact that national security issues would be an acute concern?? I THINK NOT.

This is unbelievably incredible incompetence if true, but what seems to be more worrying is if this is not true (and it most definitely smells very false) then what is? Certainly if the truth is worst than the lie then we can imagine something ongoing, catastrophic in magnitude and of course totally illegal and damaging to Ghana.

What is blatantly clear is that none of the official explanations of these outages satisfy any of the educated people who are subjected to them, nor does it look like they will EVER solve the problem. Maybe it is a problem too big for Ghanaian engineers to handle or there is a covert willingness to perpetuate the problem for some underhanded illicit gain.

Either way if anyone is being honest they wouldn’t be able to recommend any outside manufacturing investment in a country that has a systemic power failure PROGRAMME!!!!. Sadly poverty now in Ghana seems to be for the better part self inflicted.

I welcome your comments. I further believe that this particular article is of critical Ghanaian national interest and therefore should be sent to EVERYONE who suffers under this injustice.. STOP LIGHT OFF NOW… STOP CORRUPTION… BRING PROSPERITY.. THANK YOU

United Kingdom and Ghana a social contrast

Heathrow T5 Departure to Accra Ghana

Ghanaian’s wait to board plane to Accra Ghana London Heathrow T5

Our national identity, a term that has huge differences in interpretation between the United Kingdom and The Republic of Ghana. National identity a unifying force is a point of consciousness that roughly Ghana is coming towards or beginning to reach and the UK seems to be loosing or letting go.

I won’t pretend for one minute that I know the extent of the connotations of this but they seem many.

Not only would i say there are many results that a nation or a group of people would go through in a journey towards and away from the point of full conceived national identity, but possibly also we can deduce in this journey the rise and fall of those people.

The Honourable Elijah Muhammad made reference to the link we find in ones knowledge and ones activity. Now understood for the Diasporian is the limitation we suffered getting our hands on quality education that pertains to our particular problems and our inability to get where we as a people needed to be.

How does this pan out on a national level? Can it be that because of a lack of national consciousness there is a slowing of relevant activity within and for that nation?

If so, and i tend to think it to be scientifically correct then both the UK and GH at this point in time are not tuned optimally for credible sustainable and lasting national effort.

The “waste” factor comes in with efforts made within those nations for other purposes. Or efforts that don’t contribute to the over all good of the nation. Sometimes these efforts are flagrant abuses of the nation such as fraud or corruption, and other times they are as a result of the lack of national or social duty and consciousness. (see Sociopathic Personality Disorder and Ghanaian Society) for a good example.

What seems to be clear is that in both the UK and GH as presumably everywhere these waste efforts can be found. What is interesting however is that the reasons they exists appear to be very different between Ghana and the United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom fragments of the society feel disenfranchised. This has come about mainly because of the white supremacy idea that it was built on. This is a two edged sword, those who believe that others including the poor should have less rights to the privileges of “their” successful nation, and those who feel that because this seems to be the establishment view they have no real part to play. Both feel left out of true representation and influence in the current UK government and society.

What has become worst now is that those in the UK who where in the privileged positions in the past are now feeling a sense of disenfranchisement themselves leaving very little of the society to be convinced that the national idea of a “Great Britain” is still alive. Seeing that this is a new and growing phenomena the analogy of the UK moving away from a cohesive national identity position seems fitting as more and more people feel this way.

The great irony now is that the original disenfranchised group of the UK namely the immigrants the poor, the other than white ethnic groups are the reason now why the rich whites feel the same disenfranchisement. Thus reinforcing the loose loose situation when it comes to the benefits of a national identity and a national effort.

Ghana on the other hand suffers because of different reasons. The national effort in Ghana struggles because of a weak concept of the idea of a national identity, purpose, and value in the population of Ghana. A true conception of national identity has not resonated yet in the minds of the Ghanaian people to the extent of effecting a sustainable cohesive effort leading to general benefits for the population as a whole.

It seems even to the extent of high office and national policy generation sometimes lead to damage rather than good for Ghana. For example its no secret that Ghana benefits greatly from foreign investment and tourism. Its a life line to the nation generating outside interest particularly for its recent spate of trouble free and democratic elections giving rise to outside confident’s in the Ghanaian people.

You would think that those in positions of responsibility in the foreign office who deal with visa allocations, resident permits, etc would lean towards streamlining and simplifying the process for good people to come to Ghana. However the process is steadily getting more difficult problematic and expensive leaving more and more people to choose elsewhere to the detriment of the Ghanaian economy and international credibility.

I can only surmise that this is a carbon copy approach fostered from the UK and the US and the changes made there because of their particular circumstances which do not affect Ghana.

In any case it shows an immaturity and a clouding of focus when it comes to the national agenda. Which is what we are talking about here. Subjectively you can find many examples but only objectively can the problem be solved.

To objectively solve the problem is to instill a focal point of national agreement within the minds of ALL the people despite tribe or region or financial status. In the UK this WAS white supremacy, a system of pride that was understood and participated in even by those who where not white. In Ghana it can only be the establishment of a society rooted in pure truth and justice transparent regardless of class tribe or any other division.

I think it imperative that Ghanaian social scientist concentrate on establishing a concept of national definition that is rooted in truth and justice because we have learnt through study of the UK that a false definition only last a period of time.

Let Ghana build its house on a rock not sand.

I look forward to your opinions as usual.


Sociopathic Personality Disorder and Ghanaian Society

Before i get into my subject matter i think it would be best for me to express the spirit in which i write. Many might think that this article was born out of national hatred or some racist ideology. But people who are not able to step back and think only on an objective level, will most certainly miss much valid and necessary points that I’m attempting to rise in the Ghanaian social mindset.

What is Sociopathic Personality Disorder, or its more commonly known parent antisocial personality disorder? As defined by sociologist in common sources below:

A) There is a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others occurring for as long as either childhood, or in the case of many who are influenced by environmental factors, around age 15, as indicated by three or more of the following:

1. failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviours as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest;
2. deception, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure;
3. impulsiveness or failure to plan ahead;
4. irritability and aggression, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults;
5. reckless disregard for safety of self or others;
6. consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behaviour or honour financial obligations;
7. lack of remorse, as indicated by indifference to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another;
B) The individual is at least 18 years of age.
C) There is evidence of conduct disorder with onset before age 15 years.
D) The occurrence of antisocial behaviour is not exclusively during the course of schizophrenia or a manic episode.

This behaviour as defined is a mental illness, a flaw in mental ability that in general terms affects the whole nation. In a developing nation such as Ghana the effects of individuals who suffer from this condition can be catastrophic. As Ghanaians, who at the best of times are struggling to engrain a national identity and a social oneness simply fail when faced with the hindrances of this plight.

By the end of this writing you will see that this condition is in particular pervasive within Ghanaian society, and in perhaps higher than global averages. What is undisputable is that in Ghana the damage to social order because of it is extremely high, so high that it threatens the very fabric of the society.

What is interesting in the definition is the reference to the word disorder. Disorder as opposed to order is one of the first observations foreigners who come to Ghana describe. This is most blatant in road use and transportation.

I have wrote in the past about my bewilderment of how Ghanaians approach and handle traffic regulations in “Driving in Ghana”. At the time i didn’t see the root cause of this. In fact most of the articles i have written are in some way related if not directly to Sociopathic Personality Disorders in Ghanaian society.

There is an easy way to detect this condition in any society. I call it the queuing test, whether there is a queue of cars or a queue of people. The question is if the discipline of the queues members enables them to wait till their turn.

Invariably you are going to find someone who will take his chances and try to jump the queue. This happens to some degree i would imagine in all nations. However at the same time as expecting this to happen to a degree we should not expect it to happen MOST of the time, or to the extent that it corrupts others who was at first willing to maintain their turn and responsibility. Unfortunately if we are honest this is the case in Ghana.

Whether it is people queuing for a means of transport (Tro tro) or that Tro Tro itself queuing in traffic. It is common for cheating and a disregard for other people’s rights to take place. Most of the time when this behaviour occurs in Ghana it contaminates others who are also in the process of queuing. This leads to many people jumping the queue. On the road in Ghana this means cars driving on the outside and into where people are expected to walk, thus disorder.

This is a clear indication of endemic Sociopathic Personality Disorder as defined in its opening point and points numbered five and four. Unlike most other places In Ghana there are much more indications of Sociopathic Personality Disorder driving home the diagnoses of its pervasiveness in Ghanaian society. Let us look further into the definitions.

Point number two: “deception, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure;”

It would be near impossible to give a clearer and more accurate description of the “Sakawa” industry in Ghana. This is where many of the nation’s Youth are engaged in computer fraud, assuming false identities in order to con unsuspecting foreigners out of huge amounts of money a huge problem which has been addressed by both the present and last governments.

This point also addresses the market situation where traders will change prices at a whim depending if they feel they can get more money out of a prospecting buyer.
The question which applies to most legitimate business practices of “How much does this cost?” does not apply in most of Ghana’s markets, because the “cost” price is invisible and the charge changes according to who the buyer is. This is not only deception but criminal in most developed nations.

These are only a few examples of what is termed more commonly as “corrupted business practices” however this element of the disorder can be seen on the social fabric of not only business but really every facet of human interaction in Ghana. It is not uncommon for deceptive relationships to be hatched out of greed for money in marriages as well. There are many cases of unsuspecting foreigners who take Ghanaians seriously thinking that they are sincere partners, even to the extent of parenting children but have found out they were being deceived to get a visa or some means to an end. Some of these cases involve many family members who have colluded against the individual together.

Point number three: impulsiveness or failure to plan ahead;

Again there are many examples here of not individuals but of the general society having the propensity to fail in preoperational planning.

I am not interested necessarily of the individual who is suffering from this disorder only the generality of it in Ghanaian social norms. If it is there in general terms it would mean a clear indication of the extent of the numbers of individuals who are suffering from the illness. Failing to plan ahead is one of the easiest disorder elements to prove.

We can start with the actual planning of the infrastructure, the haphazard way anyone who feels the need to build builds, the many cases of homes that need to be bulldozed after their completion, the inability to generate enough electricity for a foreseen growing population. The list is endless, even the general perceived notion that seatbelts are not necessary are an indication here.

Point number five: reckless disregard for safety of self or others

I would refer you back here to my “Driving in Ghana” Article on this blog which was written a few years ago and is a clear example and definitive description of this point in Ghanaian social life. So far as to say things have not changed much. It is amazing the number of incidents that begs for belief when it comes to assessment of danger by Ghanaian’s.

Anyone who knows Ghana will not even attempt to dispute this point..

Point number six: consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behaviour or honour financial obligations.

A good way to test a nation’s honour of financial obligations is to look at the loan availability from the banks in that nation. Ghanaian banks have limited loan services that only an few people can take advantage of.

According the specialist sociologist/psychologists if you have only three of the symptoms above you are classified as having Sociopathic Personality Disorder, I think i have proven that Ghana in general has more than three. The purpose of this writing is not to condemn the Ghanaian people but rather to point out where they are suffering from a condition that ultimately is their own undoing.

If you love Ghana as i do wouldn’t you tell her the truth so that the problem gets solved? Unfortunately truth is not always nice. I pray that the intelligent Ghanaian social scientist will get to work on this problem so that we have a nicer Ghana in the future to live in..

Will Muhammad.

Should we be ourselves at work?

I have found my self studying for many hours on why Africa is lagging behind professionally, what makes a doctor generally less helpful or a policeman less dutiful. On the face of it you tend to think its a financial problem. however over the years living in Africa i am now coming to the conclusion that it is more to do with social understandings and work ethics.

Most of the world outside of Africa and admittedly parts of Africa hold close the idea of having professional roles attached to our working life. These “roles” we learn on entry to our Professions by mostly copying others. These roles or work characters come from the best way to get our works technical goals achieved.

For example it is customary for a policeman in London when speaking to a member of the public to use words such as “sir” or “madam”. This isn’t because it is part of the rules of law enforcement, but over the years they have found that addressing the public in this manner brings the best environmental results for him to administer his duties.

You might find that the local butcher engages in constant chit chat with his customers as he busily prepares the meat. This again facilitates his ability to be in tune with their orders by building a relationship with them.

I guess there are hundreds of examples that show how different we are at work from our natural normal home selves. In fact this role playing is part of everyday professional working duties that in most cases are expected, but not written down. Those of you who are reading this from outside of Africa i want you to imagine what a world would be like without people assuming professional roles at work. A world where everyone didn’t change any aspect of there normal character mood or communication efforts at work.

In fact in this world everyone was exactly how they are at home, in work. The only differences was what they where physically doing . Let me use our friend the butcher as an example here. Of course one day he is going to feel pretty pissed off and he would go into work with this same mood. He might not feel like talking. so his customers will be speaking to him and he would not be reacting well in fact that day he might even be rude. Because he does not make a distinction between how he should behave in work from being at home. As a result he will sell less.

If this is so for the butcher what about the policeman or a judge the list goes on a minister of the government perhaps and so on. All will suffer a loss of technical achievement as a result of not fostering a mental approach towards their working duties.

This world to a greater degree is Africa. There is always an exception to the rule but generally this is what’s going on. I pray our brothers and sisters here in ghana will mature and quicken to the benefits of asuming work ethics and behaviour paterns whilst they go about thier professional duties.

Will Muhammad

Driving In Ghana

I remember taking my last taxi to Tema before picking up my new second hand car that came off a ship from Germany. It felt good that i was finally avoiding bartering with the greedy taxi drivers who when seeing a foreigner would double their fare.

You see the taxi driver is one of the most arrogant and contentious people in Ghana. I was later going to find out that their plight i had only exchanged and not gotten rid of.

I stood there amongst many cars next to mine waiting for the Ashanti dealers to arrive for the exchange of the millions of cedis cash i had in my ruck sack for my car. Soon they came smiling and after counting every note they handed over the car to me.

Everything seemed to go smooth i had the car ownership papers my road worthiness and tax along with my driving license within a few days. It wasn’t long before i was stuck at kwame Nkrumah’s circle in a huge static traffic jam. I had Taxi’s and tro tro’s on all sides boxing me in and not giving up even an inch.

It was a million miles away from driving in the mostly good mannered streets of south London.
Sure in London there was “Road rage incidents” that could lead to your death if you met the wrong driver in the wrong situation, but in Ghana minus the death every driver almost is the wrong driver. All of them want to go before you. All of them don’t have respect or have knowledge of “The right of way”, and even more shockingly some are literally suicidal in there driving.

I know you the reader outside of Africa probably think i’m exaggerating but believe it or not i am being very careful to choose my words carefully to only tell you the truth.

Let me give you some examples. It is very common for you to be driving along and a parked car usually a taxi without checking his mirror pulls out in front of you making you slam on your breaks to avoid hitting him. He will do it without apology and most of the time in total oblivion to you your speed and any eventuality he may cause.

In the cases where you hit him he will blame you, and to be truthful if you are a foreigner the local people in most cases will also blame you.

I have even had on about 3 occasions a suicidal driver over taking about 4 vehicle’s coming to wards a row of cars ahead of me in our lane. In these situations i remember the drivers flashing there lights ignorantly to move the traffic ahead of me out of the way even though we are in our rightful lane. Amazingly the cars ahead of me would give them way by driving into the place where people walk. In other words giving these deranged individuals the priority of an emergency at the cost of endangering pedestrians and other road users.

But by far the most amazing thing i have experienced was in a place called Dodowa. You see Dodowa is a very quite town hardly any cars at all. I was driving though there one Sunday afternoon, i was the only car on the road. Up ahead i notice a woman standing on the reservation that separates the road. She had already cross half the road and was waiting i thought for me to pass with a small boy before she continued.

To my surprise the woman made a desperate run in front of my car pulling the hesitant boy. I slammed on my breaks and swerved to miss her causing a screech. When she got to the other side she foolishly smiled.

A woman who felt it fit in inpatients to risk her life and the life of her son rather than to just wait till i pass. This made me think for some days after, and i can only draw the conclusion that Ghanaians both pedestrians and drivers have an erroneous and unhealthy attitude towards road use. This can be confirmed in the number of fatal road traffic accidents that happen here every day. According to the government 3 people die due to road accidents every day in Ghana.

Only just last month on the Accra Wenniba Road some 45 people perished as a truck carrying yams from Tema hit two cars that had crashed in the middle of the road. People who was about to rescue the occupants of the cars where ran over by the truck.

Even though there are far less cars in Accra than in London, driving in Accra is far more demanding. In order to get from A to B you have to anticipate whats unimaginable in London.

I can almost hear you ask “What about the police in all of this?”. Well they are very busy trying to make a decent salary from road block bribes rather that chase bad drivers. I had a policeman stop me at a road block, he checked for everything. When he saw i had all that the law required he just asked me for money. The asking for money was the purpose of the road block it seemed.

Will Muhammad.
First published Wednesday, May 30, 2007