In the Diaspora just as in Africa there are two schools of thought that our people have signed up to concerning the way forward. The first and more vocal of these two schools are those who believe in an inclusive solution/road map into the future for our people. That whatever we do must meet and match other world groups in THEIR idea of how nations should be run and managed. This school assumes automatically that others have the blue print and have qualified themselves as the ultimate nation builders based on their physical achievements and influences.

In the diaspora this school of thought is what is behind all the domestic initiatives and black organisations that are fighting for EQUAL rights WITHIN those host nations, and in accord to local legal policies and provisions. In Africa this school brings about initiatives that are trying to mold Africa into what is generally accepted in the rest of the world, even to the extent of homosexuality or misplaced female domination. I mentioned these only as an ultimate example, but there are A WHOLE WORLD OF other ideas that are alien to our natural cultures and customs involved.

The second School are those who are actually the opposite to the inclusive group, those who want an exclusive black expression and direction that is tailor-made for us THE particular people as the solution. Searching for a way forward within our own determinations based on our own needs aspirations idea and expressions. These groups are those in the diaspora who want to belong to a nation of their own, and in Africa they want to preserve their culture and practices to the exclusion of outside forces and influences. This school from what i can tell are not opposed to joint initiatives with other nations but seek self benefit as a priority.

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