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Ever since the enemies ships arrived in the west coast of Africa in 1555 inevitability started, it started because our people didn’t volunteer to be taken but where kidnapped. Seeing that their captors didn’t even view them as human the heritage of where they were taken from remained in their minds throughout the generations leading to the


Will H Muhammad

inevitability of their desire, curiosity, and interest in Africa growing to the extent of action.

Today the problem comes in when we seek to hear relevant and factual information from outside of Africa about Africa and also when those in Africa need to understand the complexities about diasporian life and peoples.

Both ways truthful information is not flowing but rather being filtered through the establishment view. Im not a scholar.(a person that disciplined themselves to understand a set volume of information on Africa) My book is life in Africa up close, current, relevant and factual.

It is as if there is a prescribed area or zone where information is void affecting all those who look into Africa and those who look out, both parties suffering from an illusionary concepts of reality.

The establishment in the Diaspora paint a negative picture of Africa certainly not a truthful one, and the media in Africa paint a far too good a picture of life in the Diaspora.

The result of these misinformation’s are that all the people of African descent are left at a disadvantaged. Particularly when it comes to factual information about themselves and peoples abroad and their competitors.


I write purposefully with an intent for uncompromising truth to facilitate and correct informational disparities. I have no allegiances to any political party but only to the betterment of the people of Ghana Africa and the Diaspora.

Propaganda is not truth and censoring Facts from the Ghanaian people will not help them, neither will it help those in the Diaspora who are looking at the motherland. Romancing dreamlike ideas about Africa cannot help either what is required is a full clear or factual picture of what is actual on the ground. A reliable source dependable and helpful based only on realities without the dogma of historical cultural or religious interpretation. Today it seems most of our professors are as unwell as everybody else.

I am Will Muhammad born in London UK in the 60’s and repatriated to Ghana in 2005.

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