Our formula has arrived

if (exclusive>inclusive) {
        progress towards unity freedom and independence;
    } else {
        continued confusion misplaced loyalties and fragmentation;

Can you imagine the tectonic shift in world opinion if Africa and its descendants in the diaspora MOVED IN UNISON, even on ONE SERIOUS ISSUE?

If the nations of Africa and their descendants in the diaspora drew a mark in the sand. An African limitation, a joint resolve. An agreement that we implemented together, that the world had to respect and abide by?

To the wise the importance of the issues involved would possibly be secondary only to the fact we black people unified with ourselves in a binding commitment. The connotations of Africans and the Diasporians speaking with one voice would be tremendous. Remember it was their intention that African descendants in the diaspora had no national name or social title even. We are well aware that the word “Diasporian has no reference in the Oxford or Cambridge dictionary but are we inclusive in those writings?.. Or do we not think we can create words that are more fitting for the expression of life WE desire?

Immediately for the first time in history other nations will be compelled very quickly to meaningfully change their foreign policies with us to accommodate the new unity. This would be the least of the connotations and eventualities …

We have to do it….

But there is a fundamental problem

When i was a youngster growing up in London UK i always heard the call for Africa to unite. To me Africa uniting seemed Inevitable and obvious. So obvious in fact that in our young Caribbean influenced minds we at least thought that this was only a matter of when not if. You can reference this in our music. We felt that even if it was years into the future it was bound to happen. A prophetical eventuality…

Sadly Africa on the ground in the minds of Africans and for the vast majority involved haven’t given much credit to this notion, let alone seeing any importance in striving in the direction of continental unity. It would be easy for example to find dislike for Osagefo Kwame Nkrumah (the first president of the Republic of Ghana) in Accra Ghana even to the point of disrespect of him and his unequalled vision for his time.

In order to come to understand the benefits one would have to have a good knowledge of what is going on outside of Africa and beyond. However locally our people are preoccupied with the battle of making ends meet and tackling local injustices. They are divided along party political lines busy opposing each other and not seeing that we ALL are on the same team.

Not only this but we must never forget to recognise the two schools of thought here also. Joint initiatives for the main have been inclusive with the rest of the world and not for the primary exclusive good of Africa. The reality is if Africa continues on this trajectory it will never come even close to meaningful unity. Without divine intervention.

“If we are guided by Allah..God then there is nothing that we cannot do, we are more than qualified to erect a new nation on the foundations of the old”

Quote Honourable minister Louis Farrakhan

Something big has to happen.

where do we start?

The importance of knowledge of self within a national unity context.

The Most Honourable Elijah Muhammad who is undoubtably the premier Exclusive school leader, with none coming even close to his achievements taught THE primary principle “Accept your own and be yourself” as a direction, and he also posed the question “who is the original man?” as a starting block to set out our root policy. Now don’t be phased born Africans with religion. Let’s remain OBJECTIVE and factual.

The meer fact that we black (original) people contain the identity of the supreme being is a point that needs serious long-lasting thought. It would be impossible to be original and not be the direct descendant of the creator himself. These matters deserve serious attention and serious minds. Not minds that gravitate towards disunity at every turn.

Like a seed this incredible truth and fact has been kept hidden and for obvious reasons. This originality demonstrates our direct link to THE SUPREME BEING and is core to the black nation. If we become clear about this it will definitely grow as our consciousness manifest more and more the connotations of its truth. As a man/woman thinketh so is he/she remember.

So the importance of not allowing this truth to be planted is paramount because there is a certainty of its germination. We are literally talking about the connection between us and the Supreme Being being turned back on.

So this notion in the confines of this worlds thinking or inclusive thinking is discredited on mass, without any factual deliberation. Automatically when one of us points to the fact that black people being the original people are in direct lineage to the supreme being. The brother or sister is marginalised.

This is why the Most Honourable Elijah Muhammad taught the importance of Actual Facts in our discourse and critical thinking with one another. Because fact is supreme over opinions. So we know that it is a fact that we are the original people of this planet.

We know that all the other people came after us and from us. We know these things not because the Most Honourable Elijah Muhammad said it, but because after he said it we have gone to find what he said, and found it to be absolute actual facts. So if we are told that Allah/God created a man in his own image and likeness as written in Genesis then that man was the original man… US.

Us in the Bible and We in the Holy Quran.

This writing is not for the purpose of pointing out what has already been established. But rather we are examining what comes next.

Computer coding and programming peoples minds

I found it interesting that coding a computer comes about first by text. A written language that when run through a compiler becomes a binary executable file or collectively a program. But what is even more interesting is that there is a parallel with this information that we need to consider. like our process of analysis the complier in say for example .java needs to decipher the text’s credibility.

It does so by cross checking its compliance to the constraints of binary (logic/mathematics). Only if the text is true or in accord to this maths is it able to be executed. So the text file file.java is authenticated or certified into an executable .class file that can be used. file.class or file.exe

The Holy Quran along with the Bible are referred to as scripture… Just like a textual programme .java file. Mathematics (binary) is the highest form of communication because it surpasses all boundaries. No matter where you are in the universe one and one is always going to be two. This is the definition of truth.

Only if the programme script is true will it become an executable file which is a binary presentation of the original text proven by the compiler to be completely “true” enabling it to run. After this text is qualified into binary it will run and it will perform the task that it was created to do. It works not once but every time it is run barring any exceptions that might occur during runtime.

So in simple terms the universal parallel suggests that any idea or initiative we receive has to also be cross checked according to objective truth, if it fails it should be forgotten.

There is a great saying that the definition of madness is “doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result” Equally as mad is doing different things and expecting the same result. Evidents of one thing bringing its exclusive result.

So we should only be interested like the compiler as to wether the idea is logically/truthfully correct or incorrect.

The compiler isn’t interested in the content of the programme other than if it works out to be true or false. There is no opinions in the complier as to the sentiments of the programme, or who wrote it. It is Emotionless. So should our deliberations be as to validating our path forward.

Lately the worlds inclusive school has hatched terms such as “non binary” when referring to individuals who no longer want to be the gender they were born with. Some openly declare that they are not any particular gender. The point is that to assume a “non binary” position about anything renders it unworkable. In fact “non binary” is impossible it points to a void within fact and truth. In programming language at runtime this is called an Exception and if not caught will crash the whole computer!!

Why is this information important for Black people and Africa’s unity ?

It is fair to assume that if you don’t know yourself you cannot act as yourself. This in turn will bring about a result that is not good or true for self. We can see why the first instruction in the teachings of the Most Honourable Elijah Muhammad is “Accept your own and be yourself” indeed how can you be yourself if you don not accept that which is rightfully yours?

The most important thing we posses isn’t anything physical it is our minds, our very thinking and our ability to think freely. The question “are we in our right and own minds” is a valid one. Have we accepted our own mind, do we even know what our own mind looks like? Well the litmus test is simple, if we are in our right minds we would be about the business of doing that which is beneficial to self. (If) however we are in the business of doing self harm, or doing that which is primarily beneficial to others (Then) we can deduce that we are not in our own minds. Binary deduction is what is needed in every suggestion.

The current programme running in our minds

“let this mind be in you the same in Jesus Christ” Is the scripture. What this proves is that minds are interchangeable. This is the pre determined assertion in this statement. But we can also go further and say our minds are programmable. The word programme denotes an ability of execution coming from a written word.

+the message to the Blackman refers to the robbery of the mind as being the most severe of robberies. +

So therefore even if not said like this the Diasporian and born African alike are in a quest to find our own minds. The only question is what does that mind look like other than that what we already have?


Before we begin to examine US we need to understand that we all don’t think alike. In fact this is not the aim of this exercise. The aim is to regain our own minds so that within that sphere whatever we think and do is for the benefit of self family and nation. So despite all the political or religious understandings nobody position ill effects the black nation as a whole.

Thankfully this is far more easier than it sounds because there is only one thing hindering us from attaining this. We call it the “Silent conscription to the two schools of thought” When we look into this we see two deep rooted positions that are incompatible and as a result destroy all national social religious and business unity efforts made by our people here in the motherland and in the diaspora.

The two schools of thought definition

Code binary = Exclusive and Inclusive Mindset EXMST INCMST

In the Diaspora just as in Africa there are two schools of thought that our people have signed up to concerning the way forward. The first and more vocal of these two schools are those who believe in an inclusive solution/road map into the future for our people. That whatever we do must meet and match other world groups in THEIR idea of how nations should be run and managed. This school assumes automatically that others have the blue print and have qualified themselves as the ultimate nation builders based on their physical achievements and influences.

In the diaspora this school of thought is what is behind all the domestic initiatives and black organisations that are fighting for EQUAL rights WITHIN those host nations, and in accord to local legal policies and provisions. In Africa this school brings about initiatives that are trying to mold Africa into what is generally accepted in the rest of the world, even to the extent of homosexuality or misplaced female domination. I mentioned these only as an ultimate example, but there are A WHOLE WORLD OF other ideas that are alien to our natural cultures and customs involved.

The second School are those who are actually the opposite to the inclusive group, those who want an exclusive black expression and direction that is tailor-made for us THE particular people as the solution. Searching for a way forward within our own determinations based on our own needs aspirations idea and expressions. These groups are those in the diaspora who want to belong to a nation of their own, and in Africa they want to preserve their culture and practices to the exclusion of outside forces and influences. This school from what i can tell are not opposed to joint initiatives with other nations but seek self benefit as a priority.

for further information listen to podcast link below

1.EVERYONE has silently signed up to one of the two schools

What is good for us can also be good for other peoples, but what is good for others cant always be good for us.. This statement can be confounded to be saying the same thing, but it demonstrates that the premise of thought or the initial approach if changed can bring about a huge difference in results even though the elements are similar..

Every black person on this planet has a underlying opinion on how we should relate to ourselves as a family of people and how we should relate to others. Often these positions are not declared because they are a status not required within this world of white conceptual dominance. After all the collective academic opinions of blacks are a matter of little relevancy to the everyday running of this white system.

So up until now these positions have not been highlighted and we all have allowed them to permeate together unnoticed. This thinking that they have little significants causes a incoherent incompatibility within our family of people.

This has to end. If you are inclusive then declare it and join on to those who think like you, go and build together with the rest of the world. But if you find that the exclusive position more defines your outlook then let’s be free of the hindrances of those who desire to water down our resolve and value of black self.

2. The two schools CANNOT coexist in the same endeavour, organisation, religion or nation in harmony. The incompatibility that comes about because of the opposing positions in the two cannot be reconciled or resolved. Because logically they inherently are diametrically opposed.

This is the reason why black organisations fail. They fail because amongst their ranks are conscripts to both schools of thought. One school silently believing that “progress” is defined primarily for the good of black people and the other the good of everyone.

Also Due to the pervasive inclination towards inclusiveness fuelled by the media some of our people cant seem to accept that we have an enemy, and that this enemy or want for a better word opposer is busy thwarting any effort towards our coming together by any means at their disposal. In fact the Inclusive mindset refusing to accept this is by his design and all a part of the enemies strategy. We black people are at the chess table but refuse to make any moves. Too busy preoccupied with the positions of our own pieces in relationship to one another without due recognition of the position of pieces belonging to the opposition. It is in fact a check mate move that he has made on our minds. To think there is no enemy is to loose the fight without even getting into the ring.

So wether the subject is community development, nation building, or a simple group of our people centered around any particular idea. The internal problem of the two schools of thought hurt progress in both desired directions. It’s devastating to have inclusive members present in a black nationalist agenda for example, and its a waste to have exclusive thinkers as defined present within inclusive world organisations.

Even in the family structure the two schools have devastated the coherence of our households leading to our Diasporian high rate of marital failure and unity on how children should be raised.

Two schools of thought in theology and religion

It’s a basic fact that some of us can be described as theologically inclusive. which indicates that we are striving hard to establish an alternative truth that is more palatable to all the nations of people. Even though both the Holy Quran and the Bible makes classifications and distinctions of nations of peoples. At this point we must refer back to SCRIPTure.

If we study Jesus’s words we see that he made clear distinctions between groups of people. In fact he was told to teach a particular people and not another group of people. But this went further, as he made statements that really pointed to the facts that humans are not one family of people at all. He pointed to the fact that there are two fathers and that those two fathers had an influence on the behaviours of their respected children. So it wasn’t for everyone according to his mind to accept the truth in which he spoke. How then can there be a genuine theological workable idea for all of “humanity”?

Now we can get emotional about this and the inclusive programme running in our heads certainly would kick in on any impartial study of these points, especially considering who is speaking, but make no mistake this is the ultimate Exclusive school of thought thinking in Jesus who we all say we hold high.

John 8. KJV
42 Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me.
43 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.
44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.
46 Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me?
47 He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.

This should be enough to crash the inclusive programming in any serious black mind. But we must look further as we are living in a world that has undervalued Scripture. In doing so it has been given the space to add ideas that where not intended by the master.

Which ever way we look at it we must conclude that there is no credible basis for the presents of theological inclusiveness. Every Ethnic group has the responsibility to instil to the best of its ability their theological principles it is not a shared responsibility. The reason for this is simple, one group suffers differently and is in need of guidance specific to its particular problem over another. This is why Jesus was sent to a particular group and so was all of the other servants of GOD. Although at the same time no one can deny the reality of Universal truth but it’s the different pace and acceptance of truth that varies between ethnic groups that creates the need for particular and specified approaches.

In fact we as a people have no time or influence in the affairs of theology outside of our own kind. We see this in both churches and mosques around the world that naturally for the most part they where formed by a particular race of people. Nobody challenges the existence of a black church for example, even though some of these churches teach the opposite to what Jesus’s Exclusive position was. We don’t have to even get into the social or ethnic identity of Jesus here only that he made a HUGE exclusive definition between the people before him.

A world view the melting pot or the salad bowl

Let us look at the Israelis of today and their quest and declaration to the world for a “Jewish” state. Nobody is outraged, everyone understands including me that they should have a state primarily designed to meet their needs over the needs of others. At the same time other groups live in isreal and do business with her. We are not talking about how subjectively Israel relates to others outside of this national declaration.

But objectively without emotion using a complier like perspective if you are a Jew you should have a Jewish state.

But not only if you are a Jew but everyone in my book should have their respected states. This is not the case.

1 Why is it wrong for a declaration of a black state?

Is it wrong because of reasons that do not apply to Jews for example? This would be impossible for anyone to explain within the confines of logic.

2 Is the idea of Jewish State of Israel bad for the Jewish people?

So where is the “logic” that seeks to uproot acceptance of a state that is for primarily the benefit of all black people? It is deeply rooted in the silent conscription of the inclusive school of thought. Obviously the Jews are not running this programme mindset.

We mentioned Israel here because it’s the clearest living example of an Exclusive setup that is not only acceptable but also Declared in its name.

Let’s look at the nations in Africa. Can we say “I am going to the black state of Ghana”? what type of reaction would you get on such a statement. Certainly you will not get the same reaction as we do to the declaration of the “Jewish state of Israel” amongst our own black people. This article will bring about controversy along these lines and the inclusive school of thought will rail and kick against it but the exclusive school will totally understand. How then can we build unless there is a concious classification of thought and a separation of those who are not comptable?

lets think…

The black state of Ghana, The black state of Nigeria, the black state of Jamaica the black state of Barbados The black state of Gambia of Kenya of Trinidad etc..

Remember that the test that we are in our right mind is to evaluate our activities in relationship to SELF preservation and benefit. All of you readers who have got to this point and are now feeling disturbed, know to the degree that you are disturbed is to the degree you are of the inclusive school. I intend to demonstrate even outside of this writing the (in some cases unawares to the holder) conscription into the inclusive school of thought. We have to go after this huge gap, this gaping divided that runs silently in the minds of both blacks here in Africa and in the diaspora and permeates ALL aspects of our lives.

Within a salad bowl which is a very healthy thing to eat every ingredient retains its form and creation. Together making a better dish. America and the west say they are a melting pot suggesting that ingredients should change form and merge into one sludge.. this is the difference between the manifestation of the two schools put into practice.

Now lets look at our leaders using the spy glass of the definition of the two schools of thought… Lets use the spy glass to look at our political affiliations and policies that we have previously supported.. Let’s look at Initiatives like GMO . and others… let’s examine the statements made by all those who stand before us using the two schools of thought (TSOT) spy glass. Join on to your own school in every facet of life and in every group or organisation and build with like minds only.

This is not dividing our people as these lines already exists but its the first step towards strategising and navigating around this silent and deadly phycological divide that is more effective keeping us apart that any political party, religion, tribe or nationality.

Huge change requires huge events.. In this instance a deep and meaningful change of our minds. The reasons why a change within the entire black nation of people is needed can be measured in how well this current mindset preserves our existence and serves self, family and nations. Needless to say anyone using this as a barometer with an objective logical and mathematical mind will determine that we are doing very badly. It is therefore imperative that we highlight the cancer the (inclusive mindset).

Feel free to comment respectfully

Will Muhammad