Diasporians Africa’s Mirror

Diasporians are like a “mirror” for Africa. They being outside of Africa and holding kinship to her are in a special position. What is apparent to the Diasporian by life’s experiences hold keys to Africa’s rise.

Africans around the world are in need of Justice a divine favour from almighty god. This justice that we seek is a birth right and anyone who is in opposition to it is in opposition to god. Its that simple!!

It is clear to most of us by now that White supremest are behind most of our problems in Africa and in the Diaspora’s. This system is the most powerful cognitive device, an institution of deception that permeates every corner of our globe.

It is responsible for many injustices most of which have involved both Africans at home and abroad. We don’t always suffer at the direct hands of it, but it also have our own brothers and sister acting out prescribe roles in positions of responsibility in its own peoples absents. From slavery to this very hour we are under a measure of influence from those who do not have our own interest at heart.

Everything in nature has an interest, and has whats in best interest for it. White people will confirm this fact, as they have done many times in there study of “wild life”. Yet there practice on earth is totally to the contrary. They dictate to us whats in our interest along with the interests of other people in the world.

In nature that would mean that the goat can dictate to the lamb what it should eat. When in fact the lamb pays no attention to the goat. This is not racism in reverse just truth and facts.

Diasporians (Those who where born outside of Africa particularly the children of slaves) are concrete proof that the so called white man is of a different nature to us. Why, because despite living with him, schooling with him, fighting wars for him, we still are very different and our community’s have never lived in peace together. I can safely say that even though i was born in London England i am more comfortable by far here in Ghana than i could ever be in London.

Black Africa should be constantly studying diasporian experiences. Its Africa’s only true source of valuable information in which it needs to become truly independent. The diasporian by way of life experiences holds key knowledge for Africa if understood listened and respected.

The most important of all of the diasporians experiences is slavery. But slavery is not the only experiences that Black Africa needs to study form the diasporian. Really every aspect of our travels in the diaspora are good lessons to our brothers and sisters on this continent. A qualified engineer in London who is black would be extremely valuable in Ghana or any African city.

He could live like a king, and can create situations that potentially alleviate poor living conditions for thousands of people. Instead he sits at home with his small house in London suffering himself, and paying bills. Whats wrong with this picture? What is wrong is that the poor engineer, the poor nurse, the poor doctor etc has allowed someone to dictate to them whats in there best interest.

In nature everything behaves according to the law in which it was created. Lets see if the white man has a different nature form the black man. For a start physically the white is much weaker than the black. As Doctor Leakey a white anthropologist said “dark eyes are dominant light eyes are recessive you can get the recessive from the dominant but not the dominant from the recessive.” Instantly we see that even just on a psychical level we differ.

The question now must be does that physical difference translate into the mental and spiritual?

I would seem that anyone studying theology would have to bear witness that it takes strength to be right. Strength of character etc. To do wrong is referred to as weaknesses. When ever we are telling the truth it takes a measure of strength. whenever we lie it comes from a weakness.

Do you think when the doctor was talking about weakness he only meant the eyes? What about skin, bones, hair, muscles and of course brain?
If his brain is generally different to ours then simply he is of a different nature to us. Ok we are all quote unquote human. But so is the bird family all bird, that doesn’t mean the Eagle should hang out with the Budgie Or in the cat family the Tiger chilling with the house cat.
One of our great thinkers to my mind the greatest The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Gave a very telling lesson to The Diasporian he said we should “Accept our own and be ourself”. What is interesting here is that this was one instruction and not two.

Accepting our own is tied to being ourself. You cannot attain one without the other. Isn’t it great to conceive that we all both diasporian abroad for no matter how long, and born “Africans” are kin? Not out of romance but out of the recognition of pure facts.

If we view all as a family body of people then it would be no use having a head without a heart or a foot without a hand. It is becoming increasingly clear to me that the understanding of our plight lies in the conception of us being a whole. It is also evident that our solutions also are contained in this conception.

I have listened to diasporians try to extricate themselves from involvement and association with Africa. This can never be successful because we are simply in truth a part of that family of people. Even if you the individual have convinced yourself, the rest of the world is not with you in their view of you. This leaves us in a very weak position because then we are trying to belong to something that is non existent. This has undoubtedly added to how others have lost respect for us and in some cases consideration for us.

Our born resident Africans on the other hand fall on this point too, because of the boundaries of tribalism and nationalism. BOTH in 2007 are not in our best interest.

The Great Asagefo Kwame Nkrumah Knew this. That is why he was a Pan Africanist. He also had great admiration for Marcus Garvy who created the concept “The black star” which is proudly shown on the Ghana flag. As great as Ghana is she should be viewed as a State in Africa along with Nigeria etc. This is not impossible and it MUST be done in order for us to secure our future as a people.

Ghana was born out of a conception of mutual understanding and recognition of both the diasporian and the born African. Garvey a Diasporian Nkrumah the born African both recognized what was important here.

I love Nkruhmah i accept his ideals as my own he is a father to my thinking along with all the diasporian greats. It is disturbing to me to see his name and idea’s rubbished buy Ghanaians because as a Diasporian having my understanding of the outside world i can see he was and is principle to our survival and restoration as a people in and out of Africa.

Naturally a arm re attached to a body successfully will bring benefits. What benefit would seven miles of black star line ships full of diasporians pulling in to Tema harbor bring to Ghana?

Not that this is the way it should be done but there would be great benefit, too much to mention given that we where successfully resettled.

As quiet as it is kept the most beneficial and feared knowledge diasporians have and can deliver to Africa is the Complete understanding of the White world its weaknesses its intentions its capability’s etc all we have learn t as a matter of second nature.

It is this knowledge that is missing painfully in Africa!!

The re attachment of this knowledge is linked to why slavery was allowed to happen in the first place. This is the crown that is granted for our lynching and burning and whippings. It is our graduation a precious gift born out of pain and suffering. I believe our experiences and knowledge if used in Africa will unlock an ability to deal with investment, infrastructural theological and social issues with the outside world better and more justly for our benefit.

Indeed there is no one that knows the white world better than the diasporian bar only the white man himself. Our four hundred year journey in HIS HOUSE was not in vein.

when i think along these issues i can see how our history was orchestrated buy our father in heaven as preparatory to a great future. Let me know your thoughts on these points raised, as no one brother can be as definitive as the collation of more than ones thoughts.

Will Muhammad.

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