The Meaning of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

Greenwich Meridian Line

GMT is a standard of time. Well to be exact its thee white mans time standard. The whole world sets there watches by it, its the ground zero of this worlds conception of time. If you look on any atlas or globe you will see that where the town of Greenwich is in London, the time line is zero.

This time line (the Greenwich meridian line) runs north and south right down the length of the planet. In Greenwich it self is a museum dedicated to time. Its called interestingly the Maritime Museum, an indication that the white mans naval activity’s and his understanding and measuring of time came about simultaneously.

Greenwich, as a recipe has the ingredient’s time and travel two very significant developments in the white mans life on this planet. But the whole thing is even more interesting considering the fact that slavery also begun in Greenwich. I’m talking about the white transatlantic slave trade.

You see around 1555 a deviant by the name of Sir John Hawkins commissioned the first slave ship. It was called The Jesus of Lubeck and probably was built in neighboring Deptford. The name Deptford has etymological roots in two words deep, and ford, indicating the deep ford of water that passes through that area. It is documented that even the Romans used Deptford as a port along with the Moors. The so called Queen Elizabeth at that time actually lived in Greenwich and she gave Hawkings the money to build his ship.

Seeing that slavery, white time and his conception of world travel begun in Greenwich we can say this is point A for us and him in this world. The beginning of slavery herald the beginning of the white world and its better described name of, The Racism/White Supremacy System. It is also logical to assume the end of slavery is also the end of this system.

Is this where the MEAN in GMT comes into play why “mean”? is it i mean to tell you the time? Or is it the time is mean, not enough. A complaint to god perhaps. I personally think the latter is more fitting. This sentiment is reflected in the Bible Saying “the devil had come down (south) showing great wrath because he knew he had little time.”

Lets follow the GMT time line south, down across Africa till we reach Ghana and another port town Tema. It built buy the great Asagefo Kwame Nkruhmah Who was the first none nationalistic African leader post the advent of slavery. He being a Pan africanist Built Tema exactly on the GMT line as a significant sign of the beginning of black international consciousness.

This frighten white people because it was a sign of the sun setting on there world. I believe Nkruhmah was in full knowledge of his actions he knew what he was saying and more importantly doing. Of course the white man is not about to loose his grip on the world especially in Africa, so he went to work immediately against Nkruhmah for this. He still is working very hard against any of Nkrumah’s work in present day Ghanaian politics.

White intelligents goal is to delay the rise of Africa, it is like the ships lookout on the titanic.

Simply because if Africa was to truly rise independently and self sufficiently America will fall and so will Europe. The raw material that they still steal without correct payment will no longer be in there hands. So it was written in a UK based newspaper “Shall we re-colonize Africa?” For the purpose of insuring our raw material consumption. A serious article.

You see Africans don’t realize there own value so when you are in this position you cant claim your worth. Others then take advantage of you knowing you don’t know any better.

The Electrical problem i wrote about in an earlier article refers to what i believe are outside influences, who keep Ghana in this insufficient electrical dilemma for the purpose of making her uneconomically viable. Those who are more interested in creating a Ghanaian national identity system BEFORE constant electric power, water, and good roads are acting alien to the best interest of the nation. There is NOWAY Ghana will get sufficient foreign business investment without guaranteed electricity!! Everybody is well aware of this outside Ghana.

This is proof that Africa is still being played. We must know the enemy.

When we look at Greenwich and Tema, we see two opposing efforts one white one black. Both highly significant, and both on the most important time line on the planet. This is not a coincident but rather doors to two worlds one old and the other new. One brought slavery and the white world the other when understood correctly will bring about Africa’s Freedom and justice for the rest of the world.

Will Muhammad

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